Brazilian coffee harvest is 62% complete of 2021 production


The weekly monitoring by SAFRAS indicates that until July 13, Brazilian growers had already reaped 62% of the 21/22 crop or nearly 34.75 million from the estimated output of 56.50 million bags. The work progress continues slightly below the same period last year, when it was at 63%, and also below the 5-year average of 66% for the period.

The arabica harvest reaches 49% of production, against 54% in the same period last year and 57% of the historical average for the period. The crop profile remains positive. There are some reports about the outbreak of berry borer beetle, especially in the Matas de Minas region. However, it is good to point out that, besides taking into account the time between the harvest and processing, it is at the final part of the harvest when the problems caused by drought in April and May can appear. So far, low volume is confirmed, and for the time being with no record of additional major graining problems. The cup is also very good.

The conillon harvest is 82% complete, still below the 84% of the same period last year, and also well below the 90% average for the period. The interest of the domestic industry and the price high tend to stimulate the acceleration of the process, especially during the coffee drying.