SAFRAS CTDI Brazilian Soybean Index

The daily benchmark of the price of Brazilian soybeans

What is SAFRAS CTDI Brazilian Soybean Index?

SAFRAS CTDI Brazilian Soybean Index is a Brazilian soybean price index collected by SAFRAS & Mercado. It is calculated by CTD Indices, a leading company in the construction of indices in Asia, whose methodology and compliance follow the rigorous international standards established by the IOSCO Principles, as an example of how indices from other world-known markets are calculated such as FED and FTSE Russel Index.

This new index represents the variation of consolidated soybean prices in the interior of Brazil, taking as a reference the main commercialization region nationwide. It represents a strong added value for all those who need an accurate benchmark to monitor the price fluctuations of said commodity.

The importance of the index

SAFRAS CTDI Brazilian Soybean Index is an instrument that guides producers, warehouses, cooperatives, trading, industries and all other participants in the production and export chain, in relation to the real level of the marketing price. In such a way that, the index can be a great ally for investments once it guides financial market professionals in the construction of ETFs (Exchange-traded fund) to the related one.

The index offers practicality and security for the reference monitoring of prices of Brazilian soybeans and their impacts on the global grain market.

Base index 100

SAFRAS CTDI Brazilian Soybean Index is represented on the basis of 100, that is, it was worth 100 points on the start date of its calculation on January 4, 2016.

Currently, the index can be viewed on the SAFRAS Platform through a historical chart with daily quotes for the last 5 years. Annually, the index undergoes reviews of the locations where prices are captured and their respective weights in the calculation. The unit for capturing prices is Reais (R$) per 60-kilo bag, purchase basis (bid).