Planting of soybean practically finished in Brazil


The planting of the new Brazilian soybean crop is virtually over in the country. Although still around 4% of the total area are be sown, the main growing states of the country, which are in the South, Southeast and Midwest regions, have already closed or are about to finish work this season.

In the North and Northeast regions, there are still larger areas to be sown in the states of Maranhão, Piauí, and Pará. The states of Bahia and Tocantins are in the final stretch of sowing. The weather continues to raise concerns for the Northeast, especially in western Bahia.

According to research conducted by SAFRAS & Mercado, until December 20, Brazilian producers sowed 95.7% of the total expected area for the country. The index is equal to roughly 35.439 million hectares sown, out of total 37.032 million hectares estimated for planting in the country. In the previous week the index reached 94.2%.