Dollar helps but business pace is slow in domestic physical soybean market


     Porto Alegre, August 3, 2021 – Physical soybean prices advanced in July, but sales remained at a slow pace in the country. The firmness of the US currency against the real supported domestic prices, ensuring some trades with a moderate volume. However, the commodity devalued in Chicago in the same period, serving as a counterpoint to a better business pace over the month.

     In the Passo Fundo region, in Rio Grande do Sul, bids went from BRL 158.00 to 163.00 a bag FOB in July. In Cascavel, Paraná, also in the FOB market, the indications went up from BRL 157 at the end of June to 163.00 a bag. In Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso, prices rose from BRL 152 to 167.00 per bag FOB. At the Port of Paranaguá, the bag went from BRL 163.00 to 168.00 in the same period.

     In the region of Rio Verde, in the state of Goiás, bids went from BRL 152.00 to 161.00 per bag CIF in the physical market, levels where at least 50,000 tons of soybeans changed hands in the state last week. In July, trading hit at least 320 thousand tons of soybeans from Goiás.

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