Coffee harvest hits 41% of expected output but remains late


                The harvest progressed well last week. The favorable climate and higher percentage of crop maturation favored a good harvest pace, which increased by 7% compared to the week earlier. Even so, it is still delayed, especially when compared to the same period last year.

                The weekly survey by SAFRAS indicates that, until June 23, the harvest of the 20/21 season in Brazil reached 41% of the production estimated at 68.10 million 60-kg bags. Thus, 28.20 million bags had already been reaped. The progress is well below the same period last year, when the harvest was 54% complete, but a little closer to the 5-year average of 45% for the period.

                In the case of arabica, the harvest is at 32%, against 47% at the same time last year and 35% of the 5-year average. Highlight again on the good progress of the conillon harvest, which is 63% complete. Despite this, it remains well below the same period last year (71%) and also below the 5-year average (74%).